Platinum Pearls – Dr. Clark’s Official Blog Post

Platinum Pearls - Dr. Clark’s Official Blog Post

As my company, Platinum Hearing, nears it’s 4 year anniversary (November 3, 2021), I wanted to discuss things that are relevant with our company as well as in the hearing industry in general. My hope is to make this post concise, informative, a resource for people and somewhat entertaining. I thought I would do my first post on why I began Platinum Hearing.

I have been an audiologist for 28 years now. I have worked in all sorts of hospital, private practice, ENT offices and other corporate audiology practices.

I began Platinum Hearing because I wanted to create an environment where people received the right solution for their hearing problem. I wanted a place where people could experience different treatment options and know there is no “one size fits all” hearing solution.

I wanted people to receive excellent personal care, accurate and appropriate evaluations, expert diagnosis and recommendations, expert treatment plans and product knowledge and the ability to try different hearing devices before deciding which hearing system solved their hearing issues the best.

I wanted a friendly, warm, professional atmosphere that made patients feel welcomed and appreciated from the moment they walk in our door through the subsequent years that they traveled with us through their hearing healthcare journey. I wanted people to experience not just excellent hearing on the first day they wore their hearing devices, but all through their daily lives of use and wearing.

I wanted a place where people who had embarked on their hearing journey with other hearing providers or other hearing devices could come and receive an assessment of those devices and a “tune up” on their current hearing systems.

I wanted a place where people knew that we care, we listen and we put their needs above the bottom line.

I wanted a place where providers who had experience, knowledge, compassion, integrity and serving the patient’s needs was paramount.

I wanted Platinum Hearing to be that place and my staff and I work tirelessly to create that environment each and every day to every patient that steps through our door.

Platinum Hearing is that place.

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